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Beginner to Advanced RE Investors

The Due Diligence Video Course For Commercial Real Estate

This is a Course specifically for Real Estate Investors who want complete confidence that they have "Failure Proofed" their investment when they come to the closing table.


$397 One Time
  • 16 Modules Of Advanced Video Training
  • PDF's of Everything
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Pay Option Available
  • Certificate


$2497 One Time
  • 16 Modules Of Advanced Training
  • PDF's of Everything
  • Certificate
  • 6 Hours of One-on-One Coaching With Brian
  • Money Back Guarantee


About Impact Coaching Systems

Curtis Holland, Jr.

-Property Manager

“The tools and systems taught in the course is definitely a game changer. I know firsthand because I have made some of the same mistakes mentioned when performing my own Due Diligence. I highly recommend this course to all Real Estate Professionals.”

Whitney Sewell


“If you are buying commercial real estate, you know the importance of doing proper due diligence. If mistakes are made during this process it could not only cost you the current deal but also cost you the trust of your current investors, your track record, not to mention future deals and the time spent correcting these problems. If you want to make sure you know how to complete proper due diligence this course will get you there. This is such a small investment considering the cost of not completing proper due diligence.”

Rick Tangri

-Owner, Horizon Entities

“Brian has provided our company with outstanding ideas on leasing and due diligence of properties.  Both his one on one coaching and courses has helped me watch out for costly road blocks and sift through piles of data to find gem properties.  I would highly recommend his coaching and courses to anyone looking to start purchasing commercial properties.”


Bruce Blumenthal


“What a helpful tool for anyone (including old pros) acquiring commercial real estate. Too many investors find trouble only after they have closed escrow. However, many after closing issues can be avoided with a thorough due diligence review prior to owning. Mr. Hennessey has provided a thorough overview of the items an investor should investigate.”

Doug Frye

-Former President and CEO, Colliers

“Thorough and thoughtful due diligence benefits everyone involved: Investors gain confidence, reduce expenses and avoid mistakes. Brokers save time and trouble and more importantly, can elevate their client service. At the end of the day, a sound due diligence process creates tremendous value for everyone involved.”


Mike Lipsey

-President, THE LIPSEY CO.

“This information will give brokers another skill set and add tremendous value for their clients. Investors are always looking for better ways and smart team members to purchase investments with. This due dilgence system helps you become a more valuable team member.”