Beginner to Advanced RE Investors

The Due Diligence Video Course For Commercial Real Estate

This is a Course specifically for Real Estate Investors who want complete confidence that they have "Failure Proofed" their investment when they come to the closing table.



In This Course, you’ll learn:

  • How to acquire skills that will make you more confident, without being stressed when investigating investment properties. (This will be a real game changer when negotiating with brokers and sellers and they’ll be less likely to play any games with you.)
  • How to look for hidden problems and issues that can cost you major headaches, money, heartache or worse. (Think financial disaster if you don’t find them.)
  • How to find value enhancers that otherwise could be overlooked. (Once you are trained to look for these, you’ll know exactly where you’ll be adding value before you close escrow.) 
  • Where to find a “goldmine of information” on the physical and material aspects of the property(You don’t want to leave this to “chance,” putting yourself at a disadvantage.)
  • How to properly conduct tenant interviews (which will uncover “volumes” of valuable information on the investment opportunity.  Learn this or lose out.)
  • How to respond to sellers when they push back on your requests for information or other important requests. (This will put you in a position of power when dealing with difficult sellers and brokers.)
  • What hidden pitfalls to look for when reviewing leases, as well as the review of financial books and records. (Learn these or learn “the hard way,” which could be expensive or even disastrous.
  • A definite tracking system to keep track of all the questions and issues that are addressed to the seller. (This is a critical skill you want to implement immediately, which will help you avoid having critical issues, and requests “slipping through the cracks,” all because you don’t have a system in place.)  
  • The proper questions to ask and what to look for when analyzing the market where the property is located. (If not done properly, this could end up costing you dearly or worse, making a bad investment decision!)


About Impact Coaching Systems


Bruce Blumenthal


“What a helpful tool for anyone (including old pros) acquiring commercial real estate. Too many investors find trouble only after they have closed escrow. However, many after closing issues can be avoided with a thorough due diligence review prior to owning. Mr. Hennessey has provided a thorough overview of the items an investor should investigate.”

Doug Frye

-Former President and CEO, Colliers

“Thorough and thoughtful due diligence benefits everyone involved: Investors gain confidence, reduce expenses and avoid mistakes. Brokers save time and trouble and more importantly, can elevate their client service. At the end of the day, a sound due diligence process creates tremendous value for everyone involved.”


Mike Lipsey

-President, THE LIPSEY CO.

“This information will give brokers another skill set and add tremendous value for their clients. Investors are always looking for better ways and smart team members to purchase investments with. This due dilgence system helps you become a more valuable team member.”